Your website or dynamic web application is a sum of layers—structure, design and content, and functionality. The technology and programming that “power” a site—what your end user doesn’t see but what makes the site run—is called the back end. Consisting of the server, the database, and the server-side applications, it’s the behind-the-scenes functionality—the brain of a site. This is the ecosystem of the database manager and the back-end developer.

Name : Mehrdad Pedramfar
Phone : +98 935 112 7421
Email : info@pedramfar.ir
Email : mehrdad@hamrahkish.com


I offer high performance, user friendly, well integrated and creative web application development solutions, which are available as standalone units as well as . br part of a multi-level system.
I help you solve your different day-to-day business tasks, through a well designed system, which helps you easily overcome the multifaceted challenges of the current digital era.


I choose Python when it comes to developing large-scale backend systems for web applications whose server side logic is in dire need of faster performance, large amounts of addressable memory, and continuous or long-running background processes.

I build a wide spectrum of online PHP-based solutions ranging from simple websites to complex enterprise applications driven by the flexibility and power of best-in-class PHP frameworks like Laravel and Codelgniter.

HTML 5 - CSS3 - jQuery
NoSql DBMS(Neo4j)
Restful API
Token Based Authentication(JWT)


Aiming to use my knowledge of development in every projects in my life according to my best experiences in Shahid Beheshti(SBU) university.

  • 2008 - 2012

    Mathematics Diploma

    Allame Helli HighSchool

  • 2012 - 2017

    Bachelor Of Software Engineering

    Shahid Beheshti University(SBU)


I like to work on interesting projects with good people.
Need a hand? I have two – mail me